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Sophia: Young, German and rocks 3D lettering

Have you seen those awesome 3D lettering pieces that just seem to pop out of the screen? No I don't mean those overly-edited, digitally made pieces (though they're awesome, that's for sure) but the real thing: carefully hand made and addictive to look at. That's when I stumbled into Sophia, the genius behind @inky.lettering. She's German, she's young and she loves playing the piano. And well, she rocks 3D lettering! So without further ado, check this amazing piece she did for The White Pad! Follow the step - by - step guide and give it a try for yourself! And don't forget to show us your results using #thewhitepad.


3D Lettering Step - by - step:

  1. Letter the word in a light grey tone, using a brush marker
  2. Color in the letters and blend in using a water brush till they're smoothly blended. Sophia recommends drawing on a piece of foil to ease the transition.
  3. Outline the letters with a thin black liner
  4. Sketch out the 3D effect with a pencil
  5. Go over the sketch with the black liner, then erase the pencil
  6. Blend the 3D shadow from the top down and from the bottom up, using grey ink and blending through with a water brush.
  7. Optional: Add a shadow around the edges using a grey marker if you want a more plastic effect.

And voilà! 3D lettering it is!


3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step 3D Step by Step


Want to see more 3D awesomeness? Follow Sophia on Instagram at @inkylettering.

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