Lettering in the dark: The golden child

Do you struggle with getting good light for shooting your lettering pieces? Imagine living in a city where you get almost no daylight during winter! Yet, calligrapher Karine manages to make impressive lettering pieces with beautiful ornamenting. Originally from a little town in Northern Norway Karine (also known as Kiran to her friends) uses lamps to recreate daylight when she is working on her lettering. She does everything from traditional nib calligraphy to modern brush lettering, but to me her most impressive style is the faux watercolor and gold lettering, as it is something you don't get to see very often. For this blog entry she created a beautiful magenta and purple piece with gold accents. So without further ado, find the step - by - step below!


Kiran Step by Step Kiran Step by Step Kiran Step by Step Kiran Step by Step Kiran Step by Step Kiran Step by Step

  1. Start by drawing two parallel guidelines to help keep the letters in line and of an even size
  2. Sketch out the letters as you like
  3. Draw another guideline perpendicular to the first, to center the pattern around
  4. Sketch out the pattern and trace it with a pigment liner. Erase the pencil lines
  5. Shape by shape, fill in with the magenta and purple ink
  6. Drop in gold while the paint is still wet. Feel free to add as much gold details as you like!
Ta-dah, all done! Want to see more gold-goodnes? Follow Kiran on Instagram at @aliaskiran

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