Próximo curso de Lettering AQUI!

A Dip Pen Wonder

Sidney - Meet our Influencers

In the last couple years, lettering has become incredibly popular. We see videos on Insty and how-to’s on Pinterest, beautiful calligraphy on wedding invites and bar chalkboards, and so on. It seemed we had seen every piece of amazing handmade fonts we possibly could. But then comes this girl, with a completely unique and different style, to show us there’s always room for new things. I first ran into Sidney when I was browsing through Insty for some inspo and voilà! I fell in absolute love with her messy yet elegant lettering style (who would have thought she’s still a junior in college!)

Sidney Alphabet 2

Having so many different tools available, from brush markers to embossing and everything in between, Sidney prefers to stick with the traditional dip pen (XVIII century anyone?!) giving a modern twist on a classic.


Want to learn her unique style? Check her step-by-step alphabet below!






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