Próximo curso de Lettering AQUI!

Learn Faux-Lettering using Highlighters

Faux means "False" in french, so "Faux-Lettering" means "False-Lettering". It basically means doing lettering without any brush markers, but using pens or regular markers instead. The technique is to "fake" the lettering effect. It's simple, easy and there's so many possibilities you can do.

Want to learn how to Faux-Lettering at home? Download our free tutorials and get started:


You can follow these simple tips to make the most of your Faux-Lettering practice:

1. When creating your quote or art piece, always draw a margin first to make sure your letters fit into the area

2. Place the largest word or art in the center of the drawing area

3. Always start by drawing the largest banner or word first, and then include the rest of the words on the top and bottom


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 Learn Faux Lettering using markers with The White Pad


 Learn Faux Lettering using markers with The White Pad


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