Learning Bullet Journaling

2017 was the year I learned lettering. And in 2018 I really really want to learn Bujo! So here's a collection of images of my first-ever planner and the evolution month by month. Please give me your feedback or ideas in the comments section below!


Bujo Planner! January Monthly calendarTake my Pills Tracker, Bullet Journal (Bujo)Daily Water Intake, Bullet Journal (Bujo) Brush Marker Display, Bullet Journal (Bujo) A Year in Birthdays, Bullet Journal (Bujo) This Month Overview, Bullet Journal (Bujo)Bullet Journal: Mood TrackerBullet Journal Ideas: This Week Packing for the holidays Bullet journal list

Monthly Overview Bullet Journal

 My planner entry: Water Tracker 

Bullet Journaling: My week

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