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Free Flower Templates

Learning how to draw and watercolor flowers can be tricky. They come in so many shapes and colors, each and every one different to the other, that is easy to get confused (unless you're a botanical artist, of course). One of the best ways of learning is starting by copying existing drawings, as the lines, shapes and shades have already been simplified to the human eye. That's why we put together this flower template freebie. Just print them out and start copying them. No, it's not cheating. It's just teaching your inner artist how to draw beautiful flowers. After a couple tries, you'll be able to draw them by yourself, or even copy real flowers freely. I recommend you copy them into watercolor paper so you can later paint them with watercolor brush markers! The result will surprise you! 


Flower Template: Simple Peony

Flower Template: Poppy

Flower Template: Orchids

 Flower Template: LilliumFlower Template: Dahlia








  • hi

  • Thank you for the help. During covid-19 I found myself with more time to craft. I’m burning flowers in wood for my clients.

  • Can you use these on wood?

  • Love the drawings.


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